Contingency Planning

We know the process.

It begins with a great idea or that dream goal that we know deep inside we can achieve. We can see it standing there before us, just out of our reach. We want everything to run smoothly, and we know our end goal, so we begin to plan. And plan. And plan.

We start with the obvious things. “Well, this will probably happen. And maybe that could, too?” And we make sure that we know what to do about the big things. But then we find ourselves being sucked in, becoming more and more worried with each new eventuality that might occur, each less probable than the last. Before we know it, we find that we’ve planned on what we’re going to do for individual words, gestures, thoughts, until we find that we have so many things that could go wrong that we no longer believe our dream is attainable. “What if?” is the question we keep asking ourselves, until we hit every last minutae and are convinced that we know what we’re going to do if this went wrong or if that went wrong. We have plans for every single possible thing that could go wrong.

But what if it never goes wrong? What happens when we avoid achieving our goals, not because they might fail, but because they might succeed?

We need a new solution.


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